Rs.ExtendCurvePoint missing argument

The VB Rhinoscript method has a 4th argument, which the Python rhinoscriptsyntax method does not have… Can it be added? Thanks, --Mitch

Extends a non-closed curve object by smooth extension to a point.

Rhino.ExtendCurvePoint (strObject, intSide, arrPoint [, intType])

strObject Required. String. The object’s identifier.

intSide Required. Number. The side to extend.
0 Extend from the start of the curve.
1 Extend from the end of the curve.

arrPoint Required. Array. The 3-D point.

intType Optional. Number. Type of extension.
0 Line - Creates an line extension tangent to the original curve.
1 Arc - Creates an arc extension tangent to the original curve.
2 (Default) Smooth - Creates a smooth curve extension curvature continuous with the original curve.

Got it.