Duplicate end points - rs.ExtendCurve


Nowadays I started using rs.ExtendCurve and many times I have to use this function twice because we need to specify the which end (side that can be 0 or 1) of the curve has to be extended.

rs.ExtendCurve (listOrderJ, 2, 0, listOrderU)
rs.ExtendCurve (listOrderJ, 2, 1, listOrderU)

Is there settings that works without duplication?

@onrender, you might try this:

rs.ExtendCurve (listOrderJ, 2, 2, listOrderU)

@Alain, the documentation needs update, it’s missing the side option = 2, it’s working in V5 already.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed the docstring and it’ll make it to the site in a near future update.

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