RPN Calculator

Hi, I was wondering how to set the RPN calculator to have more than two decimal places?


Click the Fix button and then a number. That will “fix” the decimal place like a good RPN calculator should.

BTW - I still have my trusty old HP 41CV calculator.

Thanks! I have a venerable HP 12C. It can be hard to remember what pile it’s under though. I am shocked to see that the battery is still good!

OK, you guys - mine is older than yours! I still have my HP35. :smile: My battery is no good, though.

I have a cassio fx-115n and no battery is needed and it never dies it’s solar and even charges from a light bulb.

Hey, we’re talking valuable historical artifacts here. The HP35 was the first handheld electronic scientific calculator. Anyone with $400 could hang up the slide rule.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP-35 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slide_rule

I have an old 12C with a dead battery too. I can’t bring myself to toss it.

If I hadn’t accidentally laundered my original 12C that I bought in the 80s I might still be using that one.

And I still have my HP 35…yikes

Oooh you guys got me looking for my old 48GX, which seems dead after 8 or so years in drawers. To the repair center it will be shipped.

And an urge to find my father’s HP80 is developping.

I think my mom still has my dad’s HP 45 and it still works because you can plug it in… I had a 25 and loved it - it was smaller and actually did fit in your pocket, sorta - but it disappeared somewhere in one of my moves…

– Mitch

I started programming on a HP-67 :wink:
But which HP-version was the first RPN calculator @jeff made for Rhino?

You mean this one?

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Yeah! Was it in 1998?

October 1998 to be exact.