Round Hole Pick Location

For years I have been creating holes either with the Pipe command or I extruded a circle and then a Boolean Union.

And then I discovered the Solid Tools Tab…

Let’s say I want to create a hole through whatever object, along the Z-axis, center of the hole on the centerpoint.

Wouldn’t it be great if the mouse could either snap the centerpoint or any point on my grid?

I tried all kinds of things but so far can’t see a way without additional geometry like a point which I have to place on 0/0/0, a curve where I can pick the end or I place the hole anywhere and move it to the centerpoint after it has been created.

The Center osnap will find the center of a circle like you describe, but you have to place your pointer over the circular part to find the center, not where the center actually is.

Osnaps override grid snap so you can do what you described.

Thanks for your quick response, John.

On the screenshot, the circle is the hole and I’m trying to place it on 0/0/0.

Or anywhere else on the grid.

I’m confused since Grid Snap doesn’t do anthing here?

Hi Martin - in this particular case you can get there with SmartTrack and (V6) the setting for ‘Smart point at CPlane origin’

But yeah, grid snapping does not work, nor any direct point input… I see that, and I don’t know if it can in this case. I’d think it would be hard but the smart track working seems to indicate it’s possible… I’ll ask.
I see that you can get grid snapping to work indirectly as well - for example with the Between Osnap you can snap to the grid inside RoundHole, so, yeah, I bet this can be made to work.


Oh, I didn’t know about the smart point setting. Does the job for now.

And then I just realized Smart Track and Grid Snap both switched on is helpful.

In general I just think the command would be better if Grid Snap worked. There are plenty of solutions for everything, my goal is to reduce moving my mouse and clicks.


Use osnaps? If i were trying to move that circle to 0,0,0 i would osnap its center point and literally type in 0,0 enter, no need for z coordinate. Done.

Also grid snap works just fine for me. Although i NEVER use it, ever.

My question is not about placing a circle.

Evan, how do you place a round hole on a polysurface with the Round Hole command to a distinctive location, such as 0/0/0 or any other point on the grid?

type in 0,0 and hit enter.

I will admit i did not understand your question at first. I do now. a circle at 0,0 is really easy… other than that i wouldn’t model it with that command because it is silly that you cannot snap the way you are intending, I agree with you.

Ok, after your comment I also realized that I can enter coordinates numerically.


And let’s hope the developers at Rhino improve the Round Hole command to make it snap.