How to add textures or update a material colour?

I need a wood texture other than those offered in the default library, I need a cheap wood colour, the sort of wood one buys as battens in a diy store.
Where can one obtain more textures and how are they placed into Rhino ? Someone else asking for mac never recieved a reply so maybe this is not possible ?

I also wish to have choice of crown cut or quarter cut for all the woods on offer, crown cut giving the V patterns, the current beech is with short streaks.

Can I create a texture in photoshop, or acquire an image and what then needs doing to it ? resolution, file type etc ?

Secondly, in Materials tab, Basic Settings>Colour I created a colour via colour picker and drag dropped to a surface. Can that colour be edited and update across all instances of its use ?

In Freehand and Illustrator, a colour fill can be applied to a closed shape, then drag drop a different colour to that colour in the palette, and all uses of that colour take on the new colour.

If I select an object and click a texture, nothing gets applied, I have to drag drop texture to the polysurface, thats ok if its easily chosen. Why no ability to select object then click on wood ?

A good video on use of textures and colours and applying realism to ones objects would be welcome.


Check out these video tutorials for information on using materials, environments and textures.

To apply a color to a closed curve loop you’d need to create a surface from it first. For instance, if it’s a closed planar curve you could use PlanarSrf to make a surface from it and then apply a basic material to that. Also keep in mind that the active rendering plugin will determine what material and environment tools to use. Not all rendering plugins will use the default Rhino material and environment editors.