Rotation brick wall with multiple planes

i used @Joseph_Oster algorithm already in address below:

but it doesn’t work correctly for my wall. i think its because shape of my wall that has a few different plane instead of one permanent one.
anyone has any idea?
brick question.3dm (3.2 MB) (29.5 KB)

any idea??

Without opening your file it seems that your wall is more like a floor. To make a wall with bricks you need to have an angle near the vertical or more than 45 degrees with square section brick.
Does changing the thickness of brick helps ?

actually its something between wall and floor, and has different angles.
something like zaha hadid HEYDAR ALIYEV.

Anybody is curious about how could cover heydar aliyev with bricks?!:thinking:

I don’t see what is the link between wall of bricks and Zaha Hadid HEYDAR ALIYEV !
it is not similar to make brick wall and to cover something with bricks !!! You can’t cover a surface like this one with bricks. There will be gaps.

hello again Laurent,
heydar aliev wall exactly like the one i looking for, a surface that changes its angels and product something between wall and floor, but i want this surface covers with bricks,
did i describe my purpose not so well?
i attached my rhino file before that if u see its exactly like heydar aliev front wall.
i want a wall/floor of brick like this:


I don’t think that ZAHA used bricks in this building. All these parametric curved buildings and forms in order to be able to be built it is used a metallic structure which operates like a base for specific panel pieces.

I think that it would be useful for you if you had a look at some construction details.
Here is some references.

thanks for your reply,
i know zaha hadid doesn’t used bricks in this building,
myself wanna know, how could to build a wall/floor like in this building on rhino/grasshopper.

I assume, you still mean the brick wall. So first, why is your script not working. Without having a look on it, I think you used contours to place your bricks. On a Surface like yours, this will not work. (See Sketch)

So what else can you do. Divide the Surface. But as you can see, all bricks are unique and get distorted.

And that’s what happen when you use just one size. But this will need really much mortar :smiley:

So in my opinion. your Surface just doesn’t allow to make a brick wall out of it, becauses it’s double curved and changes “direction” from Floor to wall.

Ofc there are techniques, which allow you that, but most extravagant shapes, will mean much handwork.

I’m sorry if i’m wrong in some Points, I never thought much about that, because in my opinion, bricks are just not made for that. These are just my first thoughts, and I if someone has another opinion, I would love to read about it.

And if I understood you wrong, and you want to know how to create a truss on a surface, have a look for example at this tutorial:

hi tim
thanks for your reply,
i want to keep brick horizontal along to surface as far as possible, so describe my goal in a section like u did,
in wall part, we have no trouble,

next when it start to transform from wall to floor, the definition gone wrong,

so it should rotate and has a little overlap with previous brick like this:

and continue this method to the end.
i draw this free hand, but for whole project its waste a lot of time,
so any idea?

First of all, I think your Wall will collapse like that. And I think you need to think in 3D. You got a double curved surface and not just single like in your section. Holes like in my last picture will appear.

its not construct with brick!
its construct with concrete (my surface,i attached it before) that covers with bricks! and about
your opinion that holes will appear, i should say no, its not a problem.

something like i looking for (but not exactly) hooman balazade (hooba design) did in a few projects.

Another quick Approach. But ist just working in one direction.

For example on the right side, the curve needed be pulled to the front/down, so they fit on the top of the others. But I don’t find a fast solution. May someone else can help.

The Problem is, that the Building you posted doesn’t got a curvature like yours. The problem isn’t the wall. It’s the Floor part. A bumpy dome with holes is no problem.

But yeah, as I said, I can’t help you any further. Good luck on your Project and I’m sure, one of the pro’s here knows a solution :wink:

Hello Tim!

Could you please upload your grasshopper file?

Thank you!

Of course.

The group numbers are corresponding to the “thread timeline” (109.7 KB)

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thanks for your time tim,
your definition is close to my goal, expect of horizontal that a little different and array of bricks that arrange with half to half.
but really close i think.

Half-half is no problem. More i can’t help. (105.0 KB)