Rotating gumball

If I want to rotate the gumball to align with e.g. a line which is at an unknown angle is there some way to use snap (or…?) to align one of the arrows? When I try to snap the rotation arc, the snap doesn’t work with the direction arrows in a predictable way.

Hi Nick - RelocateGumball should help. The hard part may be that there is no good way that I can see to snap to the current location as the gumball origin.


Hi Pascal,
I ended up using Relocate Gumball in the right click menu and moving it to the lower corner, then as part of the same process I was able to rotate the arrows by snapping to the other corner. I guess I could then move it back the the midpoint but that was unnecessary.
After years of ignoring the Gumball I’m finally trying to work with it.