Parametric brick surface

Anyone can help to decrypt the code of this pattern??

facing difficulties as a beginner. progress, till now,

It accepts any vertically oriented surface as input, along with brick and gap dimensions. I just added a rectangle generator:

NOTE: While the input surfaces can be modified in size and shape, this code doesn’t create partial bricks to fill gaps at the end of each row.

thanks for co operation, but i need the bricks to be rotated in between -90 degree to +90 degree, with an attractor cuve/pull point in specified domains.

Is that all? What have you done so far? Or do you expect someone else to write all the necessary code to your spec? I’m done here, have fun and good luck.

Sounds like you need to take a beginner course in grasshopper on how to rotate objects. Search for the grasshopper primer and the attractor example and give it a go yourself first. I’m with Joseph on this one.