Rotate3D lacks self-awareness

OK, so I tried to rotate a surface in 3D (pictured green below) but the option to pick a surface normal isn’t allowed… for the surface I’m trying to rotate! (only any other surface’s normal can be picked).

Fig.1. Here I rotated the boundary of the surface, but I wan ted to rotate the surface itself.

So, either the option to pick a surface has stopped working, or it never was capable of selecting the initial surface to be rotated.

While fixing this it would be super duper useful to have yet another option, like Normal from 3Points (same as cross product). The the Rotate3D would be very useful.

Workaround to get a “CrossProduct” line as the rotation axis quickly?

// Rolf

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Got that, thanks.


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You can also log that SelNone does nothing while Rotate3D is active.

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While at it, add an option “Axis” (to the Rotate3D), by picking a “direct line” or edge so as to not have to fumble with picking multiple points every time , since quite often there’s an edge or line which one can click on directly.

All in all, fix bug, add 2 options; “NormalFrom3Point” (CrossProduct) plus direct Axis (Line or Edge).

That would speed up complex stuff immensely.

// Rolf


RH-54370 is fixed in the latest WIP