Rotating surface

Hi- I’m having a trouble orienting the srf(yellow) with the exact angle…
the axis is the red line(edge of the yellow srf) and the blue edge of the yellow surface should be placed on the green wall.
I can’t do this with rotate-3d… any solutions?

There are two options: Orient3Pt command or Plane command. The Orient3Pt command moves and rotates the surface. The Plane command draws rectangular surface. If these commands do not work, it means that your red curve and blue curve are not parallel.

Yeah, it is not parallel. any other ways to do? both commands are not working.

Please post the 3dm file with the relevant parts. Seems like you should just be able to make a new surface by Loft-ing the two edges, but from your image, I’m not sure what you really need.

Hello - a file with the surfaces you are asking about would be best, I am not clear enough on what you need to respond beyond ‘looks like Rotate3D to me’.


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