Rotate/pan/zoom on Wacom tablet?


I’m using Rhino on a Macbook Pro and I just went from using only my trackpad to a tablet (Wacom Intuos Pro). On the trackpad I use two fingers to rotate, two fingers + command to zoom, and two fingers + shift to pan. How do I do this with the tablet? Using two fingers makes it zoom in/out, but I can’t find a way to pan or rotate (it just keeps zooming in and out even though I press the command or shift keys).

Thank you thank you in advance!

i have no tablet close but i believe there are some settings in the wacom app you installed, or they are even in the system preferences. i also read that a tool called BetterTouchTool may give you more opportunities in case the on board settings do not suffice, but check your systems settings or the wacom app first.

After three years of using the Wacom tablet with Rhino, I would advise against the use of the tablet’s touch. Reason? little feeling, unexpected behavior.
The advice is to enable the display of the scroll bar and use the stylus to scroll.

Similarly you can enable the assets for personal use at corners with Rhino.
Keep the trackpad always nearby.
If you want to use the Wacom for browsing the Rhino, better to use the pen (In combined use with the modifier keys).
My workstation for Rhino …

Just my idea

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I agree with Zsimon, switch the touch operation off and use the pen for everything. I have a Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch, with four extra buttons (and a tumbler on the pen). I know the Intuos has more, and I even tried it briefly, but I could not see the value of the additional buttons or the wheel selector.
I programmed the four buttons for Middle Mouse Button, Shift, Command and Left Mouse Button. The pen tip is also LMB, but I use the button often for precise placement of points since the pen tip has a tendency to slip slightly. I use the tumbler button on the pen for Right Mouse Button operations, such as alternative commands for some icons or the context sensitive menu’s.


Wacom driver bugs anyway in El Captan. I have problems with the driver since the latest update. And not only in Rhinos.

I do not know what bug report you. However, if the problem does not affect Rhino, must contact the Wacom support.
Possibly, in the Wacom driver download previous page. (Click on Show Older Version)

Since updating to V6 on mac my wacom became unusable. Rightclick Navigation works sometimes sometimes not at all. Very annoying. Anybody found a solution (Using Intuos Pro M)