Rotate multiple objects in serie/range using grasshopper


I would like to rotate objects using grasshopper in serie (or range?). What I would like to do is to set a start value (0 degrees) and an end value of the rotation, and then all objects should rotate until the end value is reached for the last object. I have tried using range but the problem is that all objects rotate multiple times, I only want one rotatation each object. See attached file.

Thankful for any help,

Madeleine (286.1 KB)

You need to learn how to use lists and data trees so you get the same input in your rotation component. Also, the length of the list of numbers your range component creates doesn’t match the amount of objects you’re trying to rotate. Have a look at this: q_gh_01 (290.4 KB)


Exactly what I needed. What if i would like to rotate, let’s say the first 20 object 0-20 degrees, and the rest 20-5 degrees? How would you do that?

I’d use split list and perform the different rotation on those split up lists.

I dont know how to split the list. If you can have a look again on attached document.

Thank you! (565.4 KB)

You need to split your list of crvs and breps.
q_gh_02 (297.2 KB)
Also, I’m just trying to retain your data structure here. The flattening and grafting again might be unnecessary depending on what you want to achieve in later steps.

Cool… and if I would like to split the list into more than two parts? I tried with subset and domain ut didnt worked out. (296.8 KB)

Again, you’re using lists and data trees wrong. I suggest learning more about that.

Ok. Do you have any idea of where to learn? Any tutorial of something.