Rotate image sampler

I am new to grasshopper.
I loaded an image sampler but it came in side way. How can I rotate the image sampler in my grasshopper window?

Hi Marcel, I had the same issue as well. The easiest workaround for me was actually to rotate the image in Paint. However, this is not as satisfying as a simple “Rotate by 90°” could be. AFAIK, this is not implemented.

Another workaroung is, that the input and output of the image sampler is rotated. In this care you have to care about the directions of the rotations, their sum has to be zero.

Correct. I use standard windows methods for loading images, wasn’t aware that it sometimes loads them the wrong way around. Can you send me an image which is tilted?

Now it loads the right way!!! I think I must have done something wrong… It;s OK now.
I tried other images and they loaded the right way. Mystery!