Rotate geometry to camera position

Is it possible to rotate any geometry to camera? Like dot object behave. For eg. I want to set perspective view and rotate all stars to camera. Is there a way to read camera position in grasshopper?stars_to_camera.3dm (34.6 KB)

Here’s a script I use to orient planes (surfaces) to the camera. You can probably pass those closed planar curves through this, and it will output surfaces. Then dupborder after you have created the new star surfaces facing the camera. (14.3 KB)



You could also use Viewport Properties from Human plugin like the attached, but you’ll need to trigger when you update your active perspective viewport…(It seems auto update option is not working well in R7)

Face object to (12.2 KB)

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You can try the Bubalus_GH plugin.

RotateGeometryToCamera.rar (1.8 MB)

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