Link Geometries to a plane

Hi everyone, my end goal is just to move and rotate different sets of geometry (they come from a different recipient) together.

Say you have the external shell of a building created as a brep, and the internal walls’ curves inside it, so when you rotate and move the shell, everything will accompany it.

I thought maybe I could group them together so when I move and rotate the “host” the others would follow, but I couldn’t find a way to get separate that group in the original recipients.

So I thought if I could link these geometries to a single plane and when the plane moves and rotates, everything attatched to it would do the same.

Could anyone help me with this one?

Hi @Juan_Fernandes_de_Pa,

You can used örient for this:

transform linked geometry.3dm (25.2 KB)
transform linked (8.9 KB)

Hey Erik, thanks for the reply, this will actually come in hand for another issue I had, but solving what I mentioned in this post with it will cause me to be unable to get the original geometry recipients individually.

I would have to do the same process for every geometry, do you know if it’s possible to do something as such?

Hi @Juan_Fernandes_de_Pa,

This is sure possible. Grasshopper is very flexible.

To get the “original geometry recipients” you can use “list item” to extract individual items. There is no need to repeat the process for every geometry .