Rolls-Royce Concept

worked by rhino 6 and render with keyshot 9
sketch design by Farzad barkhordary



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I dig it! Might seem like a small detail, but I really love how the doors have been split off. Those parting lines are inspired.

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Hope you got permission to use the Rolls Royce trademarks. Historically, they have been pretty litigious about infringements…

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loove it!

on the top image, throw a rim light behind it to pick the greenhouse out of the dark background (unless that was what you were going for, in which case I’ll shut up and just enjoy your awesome work!)

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thank you for your help

@jeremy5 you missunderstood, it’s a Polls Poyce :wink:

@Hesamg59 nice work!! I love it!

Very cool! Would love to see video of the doors articulating!

Although slightly terrifying from a cyclist’s point of view… :rofl:

We should donate one to the Prime Minister: pot-holes will suddenly get filled in and all speed bumps will be flattened.