Rolling Ball Fillet with changing radius

Hi, I was trying to create a rolling ball fillet between two pipes. The tricky bit is that one of the requirements was to keep various radius in different segments of the joint. I used CreateRollingBallFillet method from Rhino Common, but this allows you to have a fixed radius only. I had to create multiple sections, based on multiple fillets, and finally do a loft with those sections in order to get the desired result.

This works, however it’s quite inefficient. If I want to it to be precise, I need to take hundreds of sections, that means generating hundreds of rolling ball fillets… that obviously takes time to calculate. Is there any chance to get various radii on that method? Or is there any reasonable workaround? Could by any chance McNeal implement a variable radius fillet in RhinoCommon API?


I’ve added this to the RhinoCommon wishlist:
If it is possible to do through regular Rhino commands, there is a decent chance we should be able to expose it in our APIs.