Rod Mechanism moving with Closest Point

Hi all, thank you for your attention!

I am exploring an interactive rod mechanism in grasshopper. I have successfully created the basic movement of the rods, however, they are now all working at the same time (see Fig.1 and 2). The effect that I would like to achieve is each of the rod structures could respond to a specific moving point according to the distance between them, for example, if the point is approaching the second rod-frame, then the second would just span and the first and the third one would also have some tiny transformation. However, I am not so sure how to make this. I have tried with the Closest Point but I still couldn’t figure out the right logic of the interaction.


A real-life reference would be the project Disobedience by Studio INI: Disobedience by Studio INI. I would like to achieve a similar effect as this project.

I have attached my grasshopper file below and thank you for your time!
Rod (23.8 KB)