Snap points to the nearest?


i need some help!! i have this model, and i need to snap the red points to the nearest blue point. how can i do it? i’m at 0. i tried to use shortest list but it doesn’t work with all the points.

thank you!!

snap to nearest (8.3 KB)

Maybe like this:

snap to nearest (15.9 KB)

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thank you!!

It’s simple using a clostest point.

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Nice. I really need to make more use of Closest Point.

I assumed the goal was to move the original point (or any other geometry along with it) to the closest point.

The method from Dowazura is neater than sorting by length etc. So if you did want to move the point, or other objects using that method, this is how you could do it (see below).

The points have already moved.

I may be wrong, but as far as I understand it there is no movement involved here.

The description of the function of this component is to “Find closest point in a point collection”. Point P doesn’t move to point C, it is just telling which one of the points in the collection C, is closest to P.

Of course the point coordinates match because I am moving the points, P, to the closest point in the collection C.