Rocks in Rhino

Trying to create rock texture following the instructions from:
rhino 7 [mac]: rocks - YouTube

BBut upon adding the granite texture under displacement, no visible surfaces of rock is created

1.3dm (189.9 KB)

Why did you post this file?

What problem are you trying to solve?

Forgot to include the message, apologies

You’ll need to contact the author of that tutorial.
It’s not one of ours.


Turned up the values and it seemed to help.
The values I turned up are mainly the quality Blackpoint

→ Then proceeded to run command (ExtractRenderMesh)
I am trying to booleandifference from this extractedrender mesh but unable to.
Is there a way to further convert this extractedrendermesh to allow it to be booleaned from?


Trying to remove the rectangle box from the newly created extractedrendermesh

Hi -

Since that mesh appears (the image doesn’t show then entire object) not to contain all that many triangles, you could convert it into a NURBS object (ToNURBS) and then use the Boolean operation on both; or replace the rectangle box with a mesh box and use a mesh Boolean operation. Mesh Booleans need good meshes and tend to prefer meshes of same edge lengths. NURBS Booleans are more reliable…