Roadmap + Wishlist

I have a few question and item for a wish list for Rhino Mac:

  1. Is there a Roadmap available for us to look at?
  2. Or is there a Wish List page for us to input our requests?


I suppose that the answer to both of them is YouTrack. All wishlist items, along with bug reports and other issues, are recorded in that system. You can either enter your wishes there directly, or, preferably, start a new thread here on discourse.

Depending on the frequency of a particular wish coming up and a specific developer’s time and interest, am item will be picked up and developed.

Link to YT:

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Perfect. Thanks.

Hi Fabiano-

Just to expand a little on wim’s answer above…

Here are some Basic YouTrack tips.

Since that post, a few things have changed. I’ll update that topic.