Wish List Rhino V6

Is there a Rhino V6 wish list round here? Would it make a good category?

No, we find that many times a wish or feature request turns into a discussion about a feature that already exists, and bug reports turn into discussions about existing features. We’re working on exposing our bug tracking system to the public, but that is still weeks away. Once that works you could add bugs or wishes there.

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Would it be difficult to have a Fact Export. It is the file format for Electric Image Animation System which by the way does not have a modeler. I have been using EI since 96, along with many others, and really love it. The new version is really looking good. Should not be too difficult to export to fact, right? Easy for me to say. Since you created the mac version of Rhino, I have noticed much more interest and use of Rhino for Electric Image.