RIR Update wrecked my grasshopper definition... really?

I updated RIR today and opened a definition that had been working properly till last month.
To my delight I find it´s not working properly.
When I search for the problem, I find there are A LOT of connections missing, mainly to and from RIR components.
Can this have happened because of the update?

I do see some RiR add components & legacy components shouldn’t disappear all together, odd that its missing the input and outputs. Can you post your file, or a small example of it?

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I’d rather not post it… it’s crucial material from my PhD dissertation and wouldn’t feel comfortable.
The point actually is that what seems to have happened is that connections got deleted… and I was so clumsy-dumb that I forgot to take a fallback screenshot of the whole thing to rebuild it. So I have a huge mountain to climb ahead of me…

As long as you haven’t saved the GH it should be salvageable if we can figure out what happened.

I reconnected and everything seems to be normal. Apparently what got “disconnected” were the components that have the new tracking mode.

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