RiR - GHPython Create ModelCurve - Revit API problem

Hi all,
I just started to use RiR and wanted to develop my knowledge in the REVIT API by using GH in order to set Dynamo out of my life :smile:

So I started by creating a GHPython Script to create Model Line…but I am stuck and the problem is that I have no clue on which is the problem.

Attached you can find the .GH file, but the problem is here

for line in revitLines:
____modelLine = RCR.ItemFactoryBase.NewModelCurve(line, sketch)

the error says
Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException): NewModelCurve() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)
(but in the API the NewModelCurve method wants 2 argument a curve and a sketch plane)

it seems that the problem concerns the Argument Type (the line element is an Autodesk.DB.Revit.Line).

Do you have any idea?

Thank you in advance


The problem was that NewModelCurve is not a static function and needs an instance of an ItemFactoryBase to run.

You may call it as you were trying to do but passing this as the first argument:

RCR.ItemFactoryBase.NewModelCurve(doc.Create, line, sketch)

or I personally prefer the typical OO way of doing it

doc.Create.NewModelCurve(line, sketch)

I’m far of being a Python expert, but I would recomend you to use the python with statement to manage transactions and not be in the wild side in case of an exception.

I did those changes to your script and looks like that:

import clr
from System.Linq import Enumerable
import Autodesk.Revit.DB as RDB
import Autodesk.Revit.Creation as RCR
from Rhino.Geometry import *
from RhinoInside.Revit import Revit, Convert
doc = Revit.ActiveDBDocument

#Create Lines

startPoint = []
endPoint = []
revitLines = []
modelLines = []

with RDB.Transaction(doc, "RiR_ModelLine") as trans:
    for elemento in x:
        startPoint.append(RDB.XYZ(elemento.PointAtStart.X, elemento.PointAtStart.Y, elemento.PointAtStart.Z))
        endPoint.append(RDB.XYZ(elemento.PointAtEnd.X, elemento.PointAtEnd.Y, elemento.PointAtEnd.Z))
    for punto in startPoint:
        revitLine = RDB.Line.CreateBound(punto, endPoint[startPoint.index(punto)])
    piano = RDB.Plane.CreateByThreePoints(RDB.XYZ(-100,-100,0), RDB.XYZ(100,-100,0), RDB.XYZ(100,100,0))
    sketch = RDB.SketchPlane.Create(doc, piano)
    for line in revitLines:
        modelLine = doc.Create.NewModelCurve(line, sketch)

# Assegnare l'output dell'utente alla variabile OUT.
ModelLine = revitLines
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Thank you Kike for all your suggestions.
This is just one of many iterations of the script.
Some had the “with” statement (like in sample7.py) then everything turned into a mess when dealing with the external API problem :slight_smile:

Thanks again