Ringlock Scaffolding - Karamba

Hi Friends,

I’m modeling ringlock scaffolding & I can’t seem to figure out how to model the pin connections in this gh definition. Would defining the joints even make a significant difference in this type of model?

Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated!


WIP_TEST.3dm (91.9 KB) WIP_TEST.gh (36.6 KB)

Hi @rismail88,

there are two ways to define joints your model: either the Beam-Joints component where you can define the start and end releases using ElementIDs, or using the Joint-Agent component where you can define connections between elements.

Please see https://manual.karamba3d.com/3-in-depth-component-reference/3.3-cross-section/3.3.6-beam-joints for more information.

WIP_TEST_mt.gh (43.7 KB)