Ribbon Design Help?

Any help would be appreciated!
Trying to create this ribbon design in rhino but having trouble. I’ve tried using “loft”, “spiral”, “ribbon” but I can’t seem to create an accurate model. Any tips or help would be great… thank you

Try creating a curve representing either on edge of the ribbon or the middle of the ribbon. Please straight lines with length equal to the width of the ribbon to represent the ribbon cross section at key locations along the curve. Then use Sweep1.

Thanks for the advice David; I am trying to do this now, just having trouble with the pieces that change planes, since it is difficult to accurately place the control points

I think this is going to be hard to do with any accuracy in NURBS… I think it may work out better to break things up into relatively simple sections and use separate surfaces to hook things together where things twist a lot.


I’ve been trying that for now but I wish there were a way to edit the curve of the ribbon similar to:

without the live physics.

Thats true though. Thank you Pascal