RhinoWIP for Mac, "Trim" command, "pressing Shift to extend" not working?

Well, it has been a long time wish to have this implemented into rhino and my hopes were really up when I saw “select pressing Shift to extend” in the “Trim” command in RhinoWIP 6 for Mac… But it doesn’t seem to do anything…yet?

Is this supposed to be similar to AutoCad, where within the Trim command you can also extend lines by pressing shift and it is just not yet implemented into RhinoWIP for Mac? It would really increase productivity. Or is it something else altogether and I just can’t figure out what pressing Shift does?

I don’t have Rhino 6 for Windows so I can’t try it out.

It is little things like this that would make Rhino 6 pretty much perfect. Does anybody know more?

@wim Is this the case? Can you please check?

Hi Nick - sorry for the late reply on this one!
This feature is implemented in Rhino 6 for Mac and works the same way as it does on Windows. Make sure to have the Apparent Intersections option turned OFF for this to work.

What is to note, is that this only works, if you Shift + LMB click on the end of the curve to extend. If you try to select the curve end by Shift + LMB dragging a selection over it, it doesn’t respond. As noted, Apparent Intersections must also be turned off.

What is the option Extend Cutting Lines for? Is this the same? I don’t get it! It doesn’t seem to do anything. If I check it and try to extend the cutting curve (without pressing Shift), nothing happens. Is this meant to perform differently?

That is standard Rhino behavior, isn’t it? If you want to join two curves, you need to click on them, not LMB drag a selection over them.

If your cutter isn’t long enough, that option will extend it - in the image below, the cutter is in blue:

When using both the Extend Cutting Lines and the Shift to extend options, you can get the red line in the following screen grab to be extended to a virtual intersection with the blue line:


Hello everyone and thank you for the replies!

My dream’s come true :smiley: : It works like you’d expect… So it was just me who couldn’t figure it out :wink:

Indeed I had Apparent Intersections turned ON and probably did Shift + LMB dragging at some point… now I’m cleverer.

Thank you again!