RhinoVR - OpenXR?

Next release of Blender, 2,82, based on Cycles will offer a way to use any OpenXR headset fr a quick and fast render of our scene into VR.
Could we excpect an improvement made to RhinoVR or something new to make it maybe easier and optimized for latest graphic card and headset? I know that RjinoVR is only for dev only…as also many of VR products :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions

@andy, @DavidEranen, can you help with this?

Hi @antoine,

We haven’t looked at OpenXR yet. If there’s a lot of requests for using it, we might take a look when we have a bit more time on our hands.

Are you thinking of any headset in particular?

Nitpick: next release will be Blender 2.83, current release version of Blender is 2.82a :slight_smile:

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