Python RhinoScript - MeshTextureCoordinates & chm help

Hi @Alain, i just found out that rs.MeshTextureCoordinates is still missing from Python rhinoscript syntax. In Rhino 5 the helpfile listed the “Not implemented yet”, in Rhino 6 the item has been removed from the helpfile. Could this be added ?

btw. the chm help topic about “AddMesh” could need some love. It looks like this over here:

I wonder, is there probably an error with the font size under “Parameters” ? I have to scale everything down to read it but then all other text gets too small :roll_eyes:

In V5 the chm help looked like this:

btw. there is a possible bug in rs.AddMesh when a list of texture coordinates (Point2f) is passed to the method. If will fail in line 69 of

tcs[i] = Rhino.Geometry.Point2f(tc[0], tc[1])

Message: ‘Point2f’ object is not subscriptable

If i pass a list of tuples, it works.


Hi @clement,
I logged the issues:
Thanks a lot for reporting.

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