Rhinoscript source

Is the source code for Rhinoscripts available for review somewhere? There are some rhinoscript methods I am trying to convert to .net and I thought the source might give me some insight.


There are a bunch of Rhinoscript samples here

and here

@stevebaer I’m not looking for sample rhinoscripts, but the source code for a rhinoscript method. (i.e. Rhino.ExtrudeCurveTapered)

Hi Don- running the Python version of the rs functions with break points in the Python editor will allow you to see the Rhino Common functions used - not sure if that is useful for what you want.


Ah, that code is not currently available and is written in C++. You may find this useful though
These are the python equivalent functions to RhinoScript that use RhinoCommon

@Pascal Thanks for the tip!

@Stevebaer C++ is so last year!!! :wink: Thanks for the link, I’ll see what I can learn from there!