IronPython and RhinoCommon samples


Is there a Github repository with examples for RhinoCommon and Python?

In this link there is a standard way of using rhinosciptsyntax:

Is there anything similar with RhinoCommon or only for C# and VB languages?

Samples for all types of C++ SDK and RhinoCommon usage and more.

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It is empty:

Thanks, and there are no samples with rhinocommon only without rhinoscriptsyntax?

There are many Python scripts in that folder that don’t use rhinoscriptsyntax at all, for instance rhino-developer-samples/ at 7 · mcneel/rhino-developer-samples · GitHub .

I never use rhinoscriptsyntax so maybe these samples are also useful to you

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My mistake, thank you very much.

No problem, sometimes things are a bit hard to find, so good to ask!