RhinoMAC 7 startup options?

I do need to pass some arguments every time the RhinoMAC it is starting and I cant find how to do this.

In Rhino for Windows we have the following startup options fields:


I do need something similar on RhinoMAC.

Very useful. Didn’t know that this possibility even existed!

its under General.

i am just curious, did you even check the options of Mac Rhino?

Yes, I did, but seems that I skipped the “General” category.

Thank you for the tip.

no worries, windows and mac are pretty different in this regard, still i think the mac options/preferences look a bit more cleaned up :slight_smile:

I do changed the start-up options but seems that they have no effect!

I restarted a few times RhinoMAC7 and still the same result. This options are not executed at startup.

Did the same, but it works perfectly here…

Not working here. RhinoMAC 7: