Grasshopper Custom Render Objects

Testing automatic inclusion of GH geometry with custom materials in the render process. This can be done using the [Custom Display] component in next weeks Serengeti WIP release:

Be careful when baking though, all too easy to end up with something like this:



Here are four ways to assign materials to the custom preview.

  • Straight from a colour.
  • Using a [Create Material] component.
  • By material name in the current 3dm file.
  • From an RMTL file path.


Fantastic! This is what I’ve been waiting for :slight_smile:

@DavidRutten @nathanletwory Will it work with new shader components?

Ah, that brings up an old wish: The ability to purge similar materials and also to drag a material on top of another to both merge those materials and their assignments. Those are very handy tricks to tidy up a file.

PS! Looks smashing!


The Material type in Grasshopper should also be able to handle Xml material strings, but I haven’t tested it.

For that you’d add a Cycles XML Material which you the reference like a normal material added to a Rhino document.