Rhinocommon access solid pt editing?

Is point-based brep editing akin to the SolidPtOn command accessible in any way through the API in either rhino 5 or 6 WIP?

Hi Andrew,

RhinoCommon doesn’t have anything specific to SolidPtOn. But you should be able to script the command to enable a solid’s grips. Point editing of these grips shouldn’t be any different than other grip editing?

Is there something more specific you are looking for?

– Dale

@Dale, i think grips obtained using _SolidPtOn behave different than grips obtained using _PointsOn. There is another thread showing that with an example script.


@dale I’m trying to do this not in the rhino editing environment. - I have a Brep, not a BrepObject. That precludes me from turning on any grips (and as @clement points out that may not even work properly with brep “solid points” anyway).

Sorry to come in late. Just came back from vacation.
SolidPtOn works differently and calls different modifiers in the Rhino C++ SDK. The function called by SolidPtOn is ON_TransformBrepComponents, and it is not wrapped in RhinoCommon yet. Will add to the list.

thanks @rajaa!

RH-37175 is fixed in the latest WIP

this is saving my life right now. you all rock!!!