Rhinocommon access solid pt editing?

(Andrew Heumann) #1

Is point-based brep editing akin to the SolidPtOn command accessible in any way through the API in either rhino 5 or 6 WIP?

(Dale Fugier) #4

Hi Andrew,

RhinoCommon doesn’t have anything specific to SolidPtOn. But you should be able to script the command to enable a solid’s grips. Point editing of these grips shouldn’t be any different than other grip editing?

Is there something more specific you are looking for?

– Dale


@Dale, i think grips obtained using _SolidPtOn behave different than grips obtained using _PointsOn. There is another thread showing that with an example script.


(Andrew Heumann) #6

@dale I’m trying to do this not in the rhino editing environment. - I have a Brep, not a BrepObject. That precludes me from turning on any grips (and as @clement points out that may not even work properly with brep “solid points” anyway).

(Rajaa Issa) #7

Sorry to come in late. Just came back from vacation.
SolidPtOn works differently and calls different modifiers in the Rhino C++ SDK. The function called by SolidPtOn is ON_TransformBrepComponents, and it is not wrapped in RhinoCommon yet. Will add to the list.

(Andrew Heumann) #8

thanks @rajaa!

(Brian Gillespie) #9

RH-37175 is fixed in the latest WIP

(Andrew Heumann) #10

this is saving my life right now. you all rock!!!