[Resolved] Greville point grips on - RhinoCommon

I would like to have my own (rhinocommon) command that (among the other things) turn on the greville grip point like _EditPtOn. Is there a way to do that? If I set curveObject.GripOn = true I got the control point grips. I tried calling RhinoApp.RunScript("_EditPtOn", true) but it does not have the hoped effect. Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot

Probably your command that calls RhinoApp.RunScrhipt("_EditPtOn", true) is not a ScriptRunner command. You need to decorate it with the correct CommandStyle attribute to be able to run a script from within your command:

[CommandStyle(Rhino.Commands.Style.ScriptRunner)] // this is the attribute public class MyCommand : Command { // implementation }

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You are definitely right. Did not thought about that! Thanks a lot!