RhinoCam toolpath for guitar neck

Thank you, I think I already did this, yesterday I milled some of the material to the cnc, but the mill moved a long time in the air. I would like to eliminate as much as possible this wasted time…

ways to help avoid milling air:

  1. Model your stock accurately and use the “stock from selection”.

  2. In the cut levels tab, use stepdowns that are even divisions of the milling depth. Also check out the Z containment section and see of that helps.

I did this, but when I set a specified depth, he no longer takes into account the previous setting and goes up.

What does your stock look like?

Can you post the file?

3D Offset Profiling Operation - I can’t go down more than that.

Hi Augustin,
Please send your part to support@mecsoft.com and let us know exactly where you are stuck and we can try to help you. Thanks.

Hi Augustin! I have encountered a similar problem to yours while creating my project. I managed to create a pocket toolpath at the center of the cover of depth = 0.7, but I couldn’t create the toolpath for the cutout. I attached the STL and the toolpath file created in Rhinocam 2.0, but both files were zipped. I guess this is a frequent problem with Rhinocam because one of my friends also had issues with it. To be honest, I didn’t end my project because I read an article on https://www.happynewguitarday.com/best-guitar-for-beginners/ and got interested in one of the listed guitars. In a while, I will receive my brand new Yamaha FG800, so I think I will have less and less time for projects like this.

Hello, In the meantime I learned how to: