Rhinocam issue guitar neck

Hi, I’m Matteo and I’m a luthier. I’m using rhino+rhinocam for my necks.
Here the problem: when I mill the radius neck, the left side comes out more deeper then right side.

-3D file is OK, the simulation and rendering are ok
-I already re draw all but the problem remains
-I think probably is the gcode posting, it seems the X and - X don’t have the same length :thinking:

Ciao a tutti, sono Matteo e sono un liutaio. Sto utilizzando Rhino+Rihnocam per realizzare dei manici di chitarra. Ecco il problema: quando realizzo fisicamente il progetto a cnc (in dettaglio la curvatura di un manico) la parte sx viene scavata di più rispetto alla destra e solo gli ultimi 2 mm
-il disegno 3D non ha nessun problema, anche durante la simulazione non mi crea questo difetto
-ho provato a ridisegnare il pezzo
-ho provato a rigenerare il percorso utensile semplificando e/o escludendo alcune parti

Credo che ci sia in problema di scrittura propria del gcode, forse in fase di conversione?

Qualcuno ha avuto problemi simili?

Allego foto :wink:

Dear Matteo - i used google translate to understand your post - if you post in english, you will reach a wider audience in this forum.
can you post some more screenshots of rhinocam ?

how do the toolpathes look on screen (cyan curves) ?

what settings do you have for Machine ?
what settings do you have for Setup ?

(and maybe the settings for Post, Stock as well)
there is some more in the rhinocam preferences …

Some possible errors:

  • you output tool-Tip “center of Sphere” coordinates, but your tool on the machine is calibrated as “tool - tip”
  • some strange c-plane setting ? (pure Rhino)
  • output of local / global coordinates in Workplane (rhinocam)

but there might also be some problems on the machine - hardware or control.

and not sure how many guitars you make.
One of my customers is doing guitar parts as well, and i supervised him for the neck:

the photos show the result directly out of the machine (no sandpapering…)
we use a much bigger tool with concave shape, on a huge 5-Axis machine…

hope that gives some first ideas where to search for a solution. - kind regards. -tom

Hi Tom, thanks! I check my output tool tip on rhino and I try to switch on “tool center” re post the file but nothing change. I use cmt carbide 6 mm.
This is the result

This is what I see on rhino

The machine have no problem with endmill or 2D general work!

I use mach3 for my cnc, and I use original settings for rhino. If you have any suggestions about setting please help me :rofl:

I try to made a simply work with ballend, and result is always the same

Always same side…

And here the rendering… Seems all right