Rhino8 Unable to initialize .NET framework(error -200)

I have downloaded and installed Rhino 8 application from https://files.mcneel.com/dujour/exe/20231031/rhino_en-us_8.0.23304.09001.msi on Windows 10 x64 VM. While launching shortcut I get
I have installed .NET framework 4.8.1,and visual C++ redistributable (2010,2013 and 2015-2022).but the error still persists. Also tried repairing application from control panel and rebooting the machine but the error still persists.

Can anyone guide what is going missing during pre-install/post-install?

The installer should come with this, but your list is missing .NET 7.0 Core.

You may be able to use the command line option to force Rhino to use 4.8 to see if that works.

Do you have other applications installed which use 4.8 and 7.0?

I installed Dot Net Core 7 but the error still persists. Here is the list of applications installed on the machine. The build is clean and has only Rhino8 installed.

Also while installing Rhino 8 referred (Automating installation Rhino 8 for Windows: Scripted Install [McNeel Wiki]) but did not find any command line parameter to use 4.8.
Also on another machine where Rhino7 is installed, both co-exists. Rhino7 launch without error but Rhino8 has error.

I think the only thing I can offer is to try starting Rhino 8 with
/netfx as part of the command line.
(either manually on a command line or via copying or editing a shortcut)

Since Rhino 7 is running, it seems like 4.8 should be working.

Rhino - .NET Core vs .NET Framework (rhino3d.com)

Both 7 and 8 have been installing and uninstalling cleanly for me under Windows 11, and I do it pretty frequently as a dev.

If it still claims a .NET problem, that should still be useful information for McNeel support (plus the usual hardware+software diagnostic list).

Thank You, issue is resolved.