Rhino8 crashes on importing Python Module in Python Command Code

I made a python command following the directions listed here:
Rhino Dev Tutorial
This worked perfectly. When I run the command from Rhino, it asks for the user input and then outputs it back. However, if I try and import a new module in this code, such as numpy, for example, then Rhino crashes as soon as I run the command. How would I go about importing a module so that it’s accessible to commands? Thank you in advance!

Here is the code for the plugin causing the crash:

#import statements as needed:
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc
import Rhino
import numpy as np #it works fine without this line, but crashes with this line. 

#this line with the name of the command:
__commandname__ = "MyNewCommand"
def RunCommand( is_interactive ):
    #Your code in here
    user_input = ""
    user_input = rs.GetString("Please input your request", user_input)
    if user_input:
        print("Got a user input: " + str(user_input))


The method of creating command for Rhino using the legacy method linked about is not supported in Python 3. You can still use that with IronPython but you can not import python 3 libraries like numpy

Take a look at this post on creating Rhino plugins with commands in the new script editor that supports new languages