Rhino7 update?

Hi. I do installed the Clipper2 plugin and I do get an error: “The Clipper Two Component Library was build against a newer minor version of the Grasshopper SDK. Local SDK:7.32.23221, Reference SDK: 7.34.23267”. I am using Rhino7 and can’t download any newer version, and when checking for updates from “Options/Updates and Statistics”, I do get an “The McNeel Update Service is unavailable”.

If I try to download Rhino from the Download section, it is downloading only the Rhino8 and seems that Rhino7 it is not available for download anymore?

Where I can find to download the latest version of Rhino7?


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Also another way: open Rhino 7, click on the Help menu and from the click on Check for updates... In the dialog that opens click on the link that says Check Now.... It will open a page in your default browser with link to the latest available version.

This way don’t works as it is directing me back to the Options/Updates and Statistics:

You could restart the McNeel Update service. Open Windows task manager, go to the Services tab and search for McNeelUpdate. You should right-click it and start the service.

That way you’ll get automatically service release updates for Rhino 7.

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Good, this way it is working.