Rhino7 conversion of e57 file to mesh

opening e57 is fine
what can we do with them?
i try to save as any format and it locks down/crashes
i try to explode
would like to edit so need in mesh format
any ideas?
Most posts are for earlier versions of Rhino and suggest cloudcompare or meshlab
howeevr why doesn’t Rhino7 allow export/save As
the commands are there?
saved as wrl
BUT couldn’t open
on win10 and win8.1 computers and with lots of memory and disk
any ideas?

Hello - what do you mean by this?


I work with pointclouds all day - every day in Rhino.
What exactly are you trying to do ?
Yes, you are right, if you want to work with meshes instead of pointclouds, it is best to mesh them first in CloudCompare, using the “Poisson Recon” plugin .You can find documentation on the CloudCompare Wiki.

DO NOT try to explode the pointcloud ! it wll probably crash your computer every time

You can segment the pointcloud using the “Pointcloud” command and using the add/remove options.
It can take time but it works very well, especially if you also include the “Lasso” command to select points.
You can export a pointcloud out of Rhino as a .PLY file, then convert that back to an E.57 using CloudCompare.
You can import a mesh into Rhino then convert it to a Quadmesh, then to a Subd object but my workflow is to generate polylines from the pointcloud then loft etc those to create surfaces.

Dont give up, with a bit of persistance and practice you can create any model from a scan with Rhino 7.

If you are going to do this a lot it is really worth learning all the CloudCompare functions, it is a really powerful software package.

More discussion Here - Reverse engineering: convert mesh to nurbes - #15 by hanscad

thank you for the great ideas
main item i was trying to do is open a rather large e57 scan or a roadway area which included poles and other items above the road
so first step wanted to edit/remove any/all items above roadway (or a certain elevation)
so thought meshing in some form would make for easier editing (i’ve worked a lot with mesh editing/removal)
so why i wanted to mesh (instead of a point by point edit
but excellent ideas will do more research and give them a try
thank you!

Cleaning roadways is very easy with CloudCompare, I have done literally miles (Kms) of it.
Use the Virtual broom tool for Pointclouds, it is fantastic and actually fun to use.