Rhino7 - Command dialog setting is not working

Command dialog setting - Use command options dialog as separated window with sidebar hidden is not working. Command dialog is still attached to sidebar nad Themes settings are reset after restart.

As far as I can tell, it’s working for me in 7.2:

Thanks. Seems to be related to latest Release Candidate, 7.2 works as expected. Solution: uninstall Rhino with all preferences and caches and download 7.2 packagage

I noticed this yesterday as well. On Mac V7.3 many of the settings can’t be changed.

I did the same as @mlkplk - reverted to V7.2

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Hi, I’m trying to reproduce this issue but so far no luck, I tested 7.2 and a 7.3 service release candidate. I also tested an internal 7.4 build all on macOS 11.1. Can you run the command SystemInfo in Rhino 7 please and return that text file here? Thanks. Also, did you make a new document after the change in Themes?