Rhino6 OSX - Bug in eto control event handling "MouseUp"?

I try to modify the behavior of the
Rhino.UI.Controls.NumericUpDownWithUnitParsing control, but I have some issues with it.

And I would like to have my own functions on some mouse event.

But it seems the MouseUp event is not triggered correctly. If I try to debug and add a breakpoint to MouseDown, after that the MouseEvent happens. But if I don’t block the program run at MouseDown with breakpoint MouseUp it is never called.

Another issue: the MouseMove event doesn’t show the mouse button status correctly.

I think it is not just the NumericUpDownWithUnitParsing control but more basic controls have this issue too.


Hey @marton.parlagh,

Do you have an example of what you are trying to do? If you want to handle MouseDown/MouseMove/MouseUp properly you need to set e.Handled = true otherwise the default behaviour will be triggered.

Hope this helps.

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