Python OnMouseDown failure on mac

Hi @Alain and @dan,

i am trying to port some python scripts from windows to mac which override Rhino.Input.Custom.GetPoint and use custom code in the OnMouseDown and OnMouseMove events. The problem is, the GetPointMouseEventArgs do not work as expected. To track down the error, i’ve attached a simple test script which just prints the user action to the Output of the Rhino Python Editor. (1.4 KB)

I’ve been reported the following results using the above example script:

  • If the user clicks with the left mouse button and no key down, the button reported is None, it should be LMB, so it looks like e.LeftButtonDown does not work.
  • If the user clicks with the left mouse button while holding Shift key down, the button reported is the right mouse and the key is None. (both is wrong)
  • If the user clicks with the left mouse button while he holds CMD, the button is still None and the e.ControlKeyDown fires (which is expected).

So far, we’ve not tried other combinations, the first obstacle is that it does not detect the mouse button correctly. Is this supposed to work on mac os ?


Hi @clement ,
I logged the issue.
Thank you for reporting it.

Hi @JohnM and @Alain,

we see there has been progress on the reported issue in RC 7.8 on Mac, however the scripts involved in my reports still do not work. Could it be that the event change does only fire when the mouse is down and not when mouse is up ?

My call to GetPoint uses the boolean argument True so it should fire on MouseUp not on MouseDown like this:

gp = Rhino.Input.Custom.GetPoint()

@JohnM, i can PM an example script to reproduce if required which works on Windows but not on Mac RC 7.8.