Eto NumericUpDownWithUnitParsing controls value change behaviour

I would like to make my Eto controls work similarly to standard Rhino controls.

Which means:
user changes the value and accepts it by pressing enter or by pressing escape he/she can cancel the change.
I use the NumericUpDownWithUnitParsing controls. Can I achieve something similar?

There is an update mode for the control which can be changed, for example

but it is not the same, doesn’t react for enter or esc. I have tried to add this extra manually, but I can not force commit or cancel the change.

Also the right side arrows for these steppers are only steppers. Is there an easy way to make these similar to Rhino controls where the user can drag these and change the values more interactively?

Thank you,

@marton.parlagh as we convert many existing MFC dialogs over to ETO we’re also using the NumericUpDownWithUnitParsing control internally. Generally we use ValueUpdateMode WhenDoneChanging to mimic a similar behavior of the MFC dialog controls. While there are some differences in the way the MFC controls behaved and the ETO controls behave we are moving towards new dialogs using the NumericUpDownWithUnitParsing control and modeling the behavior to try to match.

Thanks, it means it is a good direction from me to use NumericUpDownWithUnitParsing too, right?


Yes, NumericUpDownWithUnitParsing is a good way forward.