Rhino5x64_d.exe problem

Hi every one, I use Rhino 5 SR14 64-bit and .net 2010 basic to develop my program,
but when I compile and call Rhino5x64_d.exe to debug my program, the Rhino not
work…and then I standlong execute Rhino5x64_d.exe…it appear the following error

could any one help me?

Are you debugging a C++ plug-in? If you are writing .NET, you shouldn’t have to use Rhino5x64_d.exe

I ever try to use the Rhino4.exe or Rhino5.exe to debug, when I import 3dm file to rhino,
but the .net2010 basic tell me the memory stack error?? my other computer only install
.net 2010, it seem could normal execute Rhino5x64_d.exe…and this pc I install both .net2010
and 2013, whether I install two .net systems then produce this problem? and how to solve?

Anyway thanks for steve…I already solve this problem. Fist It must use .net 2010 vc to new
a rhino program and debug, after I can smoothly use .net vb and Rhino5x64_d.exe to debug
my vb program.

If you are using VB.NET as your programming language, there is absolutely no reason for using Rhino5x64_d.exe. This is only going to be more problematic than useful.