Rhino5 vs Moi


Solution: Use both, side by side, and Copy&Paste inbetween (works fine, at least with R5). That’s what I do, problem solved. :slight_smile:

// Rolf


When I use shaded or rendered display mode, Rhino selects the foremost object. In other words, when one object is in front of another object, Rhino selects object that is close to me.


Ah, thank you for pointing this out. I’ve been pulling my hair over this since I most often use only Ghosted mode.

Good to know!

// Rolf


One of the best kept secrets! I didn’t know that, and been using Rhino 20 years!

Now, if there were a SETTING (Script, Plugin) where you could SELECT OPTIONS such as highlight COLOR, THICKNESS, STYLE & the ‘proximity’ and click or 2x-click to select between possibities - … yeah!

Definitely the SELECT feature is lame, along with the FILLET. I’d say LOCATION is everything, and FILLET is lame.

If I can’t get T-Splines in v6, the only thing that would make me jump are these two aforementioned improvements - and better FLOW ON SURFACE, with Merge Surfaces made by NETWORK CURVES.

That would fix the flat!

(David Cockey) #21

You need to lobby the Moi developers, not the Rhino developers, to create an Moi plug-in for Rhino.


You can choose color of selected objects - Options, Appearance, Colors. I agree that thick highlight would be very useful.

I do not understand “location.” I agree that Rhino Fillet command is not reliable. Rhino has many selection commands. They are explained in Rhino help file chapter named “Selection commands.”


They banned me for redesigning the layout and reverse engineering it so it was totally modded-out! I did away with the adolescent ice cream GUI and it was all grown up.

It was a new Rhino - slightly different - strong as hell in intuitive selection capabilities!

As you move your cursor it tells you the angles and dotted lines appear - it was as if SmartTrack really was smart! Really smart, as in genius!

Moi3d furthermore let you pick colors, highlight sizes - it was a marvel - went back to Rhino and it was like going back to Jurassic Park by comparison!

Now if McNeel REPAIRS SmartTrack so it really does what it should do better than POOR - and adds the CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS to it / then Rhino has a horn!

However the FILLET - and not being able to MERGE network curve surfaces for Flow on Surface is another flat footed tool.

After 20 years of Rhino use they don’t have this buffed-up? And then Zi have to give up T-Splines for Grasshopper when Moi3d has to die for nodes already and cost 50% LESS?

Trouble is, the Moi3d clique wants to keep it with ICE CREAM COLORS & 70’s Fallout 3 colored icons and Michael Gibson had enough of my customization - even on “Custom GUI” topics! So I don’t have Moi3d, and now I’m in the wasteland with clunky SmartTrack in Rhino, facing headaches doing a SELECT click!

I’m frustrated that there’s no FILLET that really works / it’s an excuse for a Fillet tool!


It’s one guy who is a genius & also booted me for my reverse engineering of his baby - hopeless!

Now I’m left with a Rhino and DumbTrack.


I have just tried the Trial of Moi3D, no need to get into modeling the view, speed, and the fact that 3D Connexion Space Pilot works like a dream warrants further evaluation. I suggest McNeel gets this guy back and let’s him sort out Rhino.


Yeah Douglas, no kidding - Moi3d is full of Rhino expats! Rhino seems to have developed RhinoMortis!

“WORKS LIKE A DREAM” - true, however, the developer (Michael Gibson) is obsessing on the meticulous neatness of the GUI - and suspicion and a reserved fixation on keeping the ‘standard’ version (the only one) stripped of any creative juice/mod that I offered - such as a dark GUI (opposed to ICE CREAM colors. I remade the ICONS - he would have none of it - and added 100’s of tools, lighting settings, scripts, hotkeys & nodes - as well as code - most of which I’d gleaned after a month of hunting on his forum. There is Burrman, Chipp Walters, Smirnov & Frenchy who have made efforts to collate a repository of these items and the creative genius’s in the asylum populate their discussions with attached goodies - nevertheless - I gather I became the ‘ANNOYING MAN’ with my enthusiasm, and my nature to help all those that were vested in modifying their ‘standard slo mo fare’ with a hot-modded one. His forum base (BeeHive) has an IGNORE USER button - however, despite that feature, Michael felt I needed to be exhumed from participating - so I’m back with Rhino and miss the Moi 3d controls - and it feels BACKWARDS using Rhino now. I’m seriously thinking of just burying my face in 3dCoat for awhile and forget I ever saw the dream come true that Moi3d was a godsend in several aspects - a few - that all other CAD programs in the last 20 years - in my opinion - have fallen short.
I dare say, Moi3d is a poke in the eye for Rhino and will overtake Rhino in Version 4 is Rhino doesn’t match certain dream qualities - quickly - thanks Douglas for confirming my suspicions~


Glad you enjoyed my tuppenceworth.
strange to me how people let there Ego get in the way of sanity. What are they trying to prove?
I just tried to import my Rhino 1.76 GB model into Moi3D and it crashed. Better he sorts that out before shouting the odds.
Take care


Uh, that never happened to me - hmmm - must be a conflict in your installation - or it ran out of memory. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘ego’ inasmuch as he’s created a well-thought-through piece of software by adhering to an efficient minimalist design style coupled by intuitive - almost mind-reading AI that helps you do what you want to do while drawing! He’s kind of the Elon Musk of Rhino, however, Moi3d is a one-trick-pony and of course - two heads are better than one - that said - I think it’s genius. Just wish Rhino could find a guy to polish certain features like FILLET & SMARTTRACK & offer something like: MERGE NETWORK SURFACE (into one) - that would add rocket fuel to the old cow.


Andrew - Thanks, pal ! I mostly use ghosted mode, as RHINO’s ability to reach through when necessary is a big help. Wish the object in front had first priority as selecting is so unpredictable that modeling is adversely affected, but not expecting this improvement any time soon. Thanks again - C.


After seeing MOI’s mesher being praised for years I tried it.

I’m doing some CFD work and Rhino is just not cutting it.

Wow! The control and the quality of the mesh. I’ll have to buy it.

(Brian Gillespie) #31

Hi Ricardo,

I’m glad to hear you’ve found something that works really well for you. Are you willing to share the settings and results that you’re getting? I’ve logged a bug here to improve Rhino’s mesher for CFD: RH-40119.


i thought this has been already targeted? maybe i misunderstood… but somwhere was a whole fred about new meshing in rhino 6… and since quadmesh seems the better choice for CFD anyway…


If quads might work for CFD, as @RichardZ suggests (I don’t do CFD) try open source Instant Meshes.


Quite successfully used Instant Meshes to move Grashopper generated mesh data to AD T-splines via quads.


Hi Brian,
I’m big newbie on CFD and the package I’m using uses STL, so triangles only. What I find most important is the mesher adherence to minimum lengths and maximum aspect ratios as set on the dialog. Mesh size gets predictable, as does quality.

Later on I’ll try to post a cross comparison in a part.


Hi Thiebault,

the thing is, certainly in medium and larger industrial design studios, whether external or internal ones, that there is no “one stop shop” to 3D modelling, which is why often two or three softwares are used, sometimes even more. We use Alias, Rhino, SolidWorks and AutoCAD, because effectivity is paramount. If a software feature or specific tool is missing - simply create the parts in another software and bring it all together at the engineering stage in the end. Saves a lot of time and money.

Never “fall in love” with a particular software ; )


Sorry bro, but no sale. -
In std RH-5 if a part’s surface-edge is closest to the pickpoint, IT will get selected, no matter WHAT visual mode you’re running, regardless of whether you’d meant to select the one farthest behind or not. IF that surface edge is coincident with an older, “behinder” one, the older one gets selected. Add to that, right-clicking to re-run the previous command seems to confuse RH if you happen to right-click over an object. IT gets SELECTED, even while the previous-command menu pops up, necessitating ESCaping the command and starting over. Right-clicking should NEVER select an object, under ANY circumstances. ONLY pick-clicking (left-clicking) should SELECT an object. Come on bud, I’m pretty confident I’m not the only one willing to offer constructive input concerning the appalling entity-select situation, and no, negating the massive advantage of working in ghosted mode because of a failed promise that any opaque mode will force selecting the object on top, is well I’ll just leave it at unreasonable. I’ve shared the challenges with entity select since my time in RH-3 (yes, I’ve been with them since way-back then), with no reasonable response on the subject. Still, based on my old experience helping AutoDESK ferret out similar issues with entity selection back in the early days with AutoCAD (RHINO support: this should come as no surprise considering the detail I go into with you in our efforts to ferret out other ongoing challenges), I’m pretty confident I know what’s actually behind the problem and how it could be handled, but I really don’t expect any attention on this. Yep, a kind of a flat-tire sore point we’re pretty much forced to work our way around. That being said,RH (up to this point) remains my go-to discrete modeler, so I guess I remain a pretty strong fan, even so :=) !