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I’m using the nuget package Rhino3dmIO for using openNURBS in applications outside of Rhino, and I can only express my gratitude for making such a powerful toolkit freely available.

I have one request though. Is there any means to copy an object derived from geometrybase to the windows clipboard so it can then be pasted into an independently running rhino application? This would help a lot with troubleshooting and debugging. I can of course manually replicate this for simple objects such as points by copying the coordinates into the clipboard and pasting into a rhino command, but it would be nice to automate the process for lines, curves and even breps.

Thanks in advance for any advice that might allow me to do this.



Hi @jonm,

There is actually quite a bit to Rhino’s clipboard support - so much that it’s doubtful it would ever make it into Rhino3dmIO, which is really just a wrapper around openNURBS.

However, it is possible to write Rhino.Geometry.GeometryBase inherited objects to the Windows Clipboard and paste them into Rhino, as long as you are willing to provide a plug-in that has the Paste functionality.

The attached sample solution demonstrates this.

SampleCsClipboard.zip (13.8 KB)

– Dale

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