Is there a way to read .3dm file embedded preview image with Rhino3dmIO

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I’m writing a simple .NET file browser application and I want to display the embedded preview in .3dm files. Is this possible with Rhino3dmIO?

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Hi Expandable,

I found this:

Does that help


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Hi Willem,

Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately this is only available in RhinoCommon.dll

The standalone .NET assembly Rhino3dmIO.dll that allows you to read .3dm files without having Rhino installed does’t have this method.

Most of the classes and methods that are available in RhinoCommon are also available in Rhino3dmIO but not all of them. I searched, but I couldn’t find anything that reads the preview.


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Hi @expandable, @Willem,

I’ve created an issue for this.

– Dale

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Hi Dale,

Thanks a lot!

– Expandable

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I was tracking this issue and for as far as I can tell this functionality for reading a preview from .3dm file should be already added to Rhino3dmIO, but I tried the latest .NET Nuget package v 7.0.1 and I still can find how to read the preview.


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Does this help?