Rhino3dm Javascript missing object types

Hi! I’m experimenting with importing various Rhino models with rhino3dm.js and loving it. A lot of object types are working, but a few aren’t. I’d just like to confirm whether these are all TBD or I’m just missing something:

  • Text (ON_Text): The object type is reported as annotation, but I don’t think these are supported yet?
  • Text Dot: Not supported?
  • Subdivision surface: Not supported yet? If I have a subdivision surface in my model, some objects, presumably those coming after the surface in the file, aren’t loaded. This is maybe a separate question about Rhino version. Is rhino3dmjs only rhino v6 thus far?
  • Hatch: Object imported with attributes but no geometry visible. Looks like this is just an empty shell class in both the python and js.


We just haven’t gotten around to wrapping up these geometry types for rhino3d.js yet; hopefully soon.

The library was very recently updated to be based on the V7 code.

Sounds good, thanks! I’ll wait with anticipation!